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COSMOS - Title Presets

COSMOS - Title Presets

MoonBear Title Presets and Title Cards

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20 NEW Text Presets for Video Editing & Graphic Design.

Creating eye catching title designs shouldn't be complicated nor time-consuming. If you’re a Motion Graphics Animator, you’ll probably be aware of how helpful title presets and templates are for your work.

Not only can these assets save you time, but they can help you create new and exciting looks beyond your skill-set. Using templates can help you discover more about video editing and new techniques for your work.

Which is why we created Cosmos!
The perfect introduction to title presets for Final Cut, After Effects, Premiere, and Photoshop.

And the best thing is, we've made it available for free!
To Creative Pass users.

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COSMOS - Title Presets

Title Presets and Title Cards