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MoonBear Font Collection

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4 Custom Fonts created and licensed by Moon Bear.

Crude-vetica - Distorted take on classic Sans-Serif fonts.
Evil Bookman - Sinister re design of bold Serif book fonts.
Pre-Cursive - Alien-like display font, blending sans serif and script.
New Trash - Script font, mimicking Derek.period hand script.

Easily use these fonts in any title template including:

Moon Bear titles, Tropic Colour titles, Fred Pelle titles, or even Cine Grading photoshop templates. 

These titles were created for filmmakers, font enthusiast, and designers, looking for fun alternatives to some of their favorite fonts. 

*The purchase and use of these fonts, grants a non exclusive license for use in commercial & non commercial projects. These fonts are not for resale and cannot be used in the formation of a logo without prior approval between Moon Bear LLC and their designers. In addition, a separate license must be purchased for use in any way that violates the terms herein and the terms of use which governs all Moon Bear LLC products. The cost of said license is to be determined by Moon Bear LLC privately between the customer and Moon Bear LLC.

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